We want you to save money\r\n

With the rising cost of living here are some easy ways to save water and money.

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Tips to be water wise at home\r\n

We all love a long hot shower especially with the recent cold weather. On average 26% of all water usage is showering. Having shorter showers is one of many ways to reduce your water bill. There are lots of other ways we can be water wise at home.

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Other ways to save water at home \n
  • Fill a container and keep water in the fridge rather than waiting for it to run cold from the tap.
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  • Put a plug in your sink or fill a basin to wash vegetables – don’t use a running tap.
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  • Wait till you have a full load of washing before you reach for the detergent.
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  • Thaw frozen food in the fridge or microwave, not under a running tap.
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  • Don't run water down the drain when rinsing your razor or washing your face. Use a plug in the bathroom basin.
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  • Install a WELS 4-star rated water saving showerhead to save on water and energy costs.
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  • Check for leaking taps and toilets around your home. Leak detection could be easier than you think.
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  • Consider reusing your greywater.
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  • 填充容器并将水放在冰箱中,而不是等待从水龙头中冷却。
  • 将插头放入水槽或填充盆地洗蔬菜 - 不要使用跑步水龙头。
  • 等到到达洗涤剂之前,要全部洗涤。
  • 在冰箱或微波炉中解冻冷冻食物,而不是在运行水龙头下。
  • 冲洗剃须刀或洗脸时,请勿将水倒入排水沟。使用插入浴室盆地。
  • 安装WELS 4星级节水淋浴喷头,以节省水和能源成本。
  • 检查房屋周围的水龙头和厕所是否漏水。泄漏检测可能比您想象的要容易。
  • 考虑重复您灰水。

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Tips to be water wise in the pool\r\n

By following a few simple tips, you can keep cool in the pool and not need to continually top up from the tap.

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在有限的时间内,我们为客户提供回扣高达200美元作为我们泳池涵盖回扣试点计划的一部分。提供您购买合格的游泳池盖的详细信息和证明 - 要么气候护理认证或在智能批准的水印程序 -在2022年4月21日至4月31日之间(提供扩展)。要了解更多信息并要求您的现金返还,请给我们发送电子邮件poolcoverrebate@sydneywater.com.au

Other ways to save water in your pool\r\n

By reducing evaporation with a pool cover, sheltering your pool from sun and wind, and properly maintaining your pool, you can keep cool, have fun and still save water. Discourage people from constantly jumping in and out to keep the water in the pool, not over the side.


Find more ways to save water in the Swimming Pool and Spa Association of Australia's Best practice and debunking the myths fact sheet.

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A liquid pool cover creates a chemical barrier on the water's surface, reducing evaporation by up to 40%.


Using a pool blanket can be more affordable. If used with a roller, it can be easily removed before pool use and spread again after you've finished swimming for the day.

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  • Increasing shade over your pool will reduce evaporation and protect swimmers from the harsh Australian sun.
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  • Adding walls and hedges around your pool will help reduce wind exposure.
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    • 泳池上的阴影增加将减少蒸发,并保护游泳者免受澳大利亚恐怖的阳光。
    • 在游泳池周围增加墙壁和树篱将有助于减少风曝光。

    To save water, only backwash your filter when necessary. If you keep your pool and filters clean you won't need to backwash as often.

    • Don't overfill your pool. This not only wastes water, but can also prevent your filter from working effectively. The water level should be about halfway up the skimmer box opening for the filter to function properly.
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    • Sand filters require backwashing, which can use up to 8,000 litres of water a year. You should backwash your sand filter once every 4–6 weeks. Only backwash until the glass goes clear – backwashing for longer just wastes water.
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    • Cartridge filters don't need to be backwashed. 
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    • 不要过度填充游泳池。这不仅浪费了水,而且还可以防止您的过滤器有效地工作。水位应大约在撇渣器箱开口的一半,以使过滤器正常运行。
    • 砂过滤器需要进行反冲洗,每年最多可以用水8,000升水。您应该每4-6周对沙滤器进行一次冲洗。只有反冲洗直到玻璃透明为止 - 对更长的浪费水进行反冲洗。
    • 墨盒过滤器不需要进行反冲洗。

  • Leaks not only waste water, they can undermine the foundations of your pool. It makes sense to keep an eye on potential leaks and have them repaired as soon as you can.
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  • Use the do-it-yourself pool check to keep an eye on leaks around your pool.
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    • 泄漏不仅浪费了水,还会破坏您的游泳池的基础。关注潜在泄漏并尽快修复它们是有意义的。
    • 使用自己动手的游泳池检查,以密切关注游泳池周围的泄漏。

  • Walk around the edge of the pool and check the area between the pool and the filter equipment. Look for wet or eroded areas.
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  • Inspect the plumbing and watch for obvious leaks.
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  • Check if running the filter affects water loss.
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  • Check your pool for cracks or tears. Inspect the tile line and inside the skimmer box.
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  • Check the lighting. Underwater lights are often the source of leaks.
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    • 在游泳池的边缘走动,检查池和滤清器设备之间的区域。寻找湿或侵蚀的区域。
    • 检查管道并注意明显的泄漏。
    • 检查运行过滤器是否会影响水分流失。
    • 检查您的游泳池是否有裂缝或眼泪。检查瓷砖线和撇油盒内。
    • 检查照明。水下灯通常是泄漏的来源。

    Tips to be water wise in the garden\r\n

    We all know the value of having your garden and lawn looking tip top. Learn more about watering by hand or using an automatic irrigation system.

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    Other ways to save water in the garden
    • Plant for the climate and soil in your area. Talk to your local nursery about how to choose water wise plants for your garden.
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    • Wash your car on the lawn using a hose with a trigger nozzle. You can water and fertilise the grass at the same time.
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    • Pull out weeds as soon as they sprout so they don’t take water away from your plants.
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    • Group plants that need the same amount of water together so that none of them get too much.
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    • It’s the water in the soil that your plants thrive on, so water the roots of each plant, not its leaves.
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    • Apply a 7–10 centimetre deep layer of mulch around your plants to help prevent water from evaporating.
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    • 种植您所在地区的气候和土壤。与您当地的托儿所谈谈如何为您的花园选择水的植物。
    • 用带有扳机喷嘴的软管在草坪上洗车。您可以同时浇水并施肥。
    • 发芽后立即拔出杂草,以免从您的植物中取出水。
    • 分组需要相同数量的水,这样就没有得到太多的植物。
    • 您的植物蓬勃发展的是土壤中的水,因此将每种植物的根源而不是其叶子浇水。
    • 在植物周围涂上7–10厘米深的覆盖层,以防止水蒸发。

    Be water wise like our cricketers\r\n

    Over the previous Big Bash League season, we continued our partnership with Cricket NSW. The Sydney Thunder and Sydney Sixers helped us share water wise tips with their fans across the summer. Find out what our BBL cricketers are doing to be water wise on and off the field. Check out the video series here.

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