We locate and repair hard-to-find leaks\r\n

Not all plumbers have the tools and skills to find leaks hidden underground and inside walls. So if your water bill shows your water use has increased but you can't see a leak, contact WaterFix Concealed Leaks. If there's a concealed leak and we can't find it, the service is free. We'll quote for repairs when we find the leak, but you can get other quotes and use the plumber of your choice.

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How WaterFix Concealed Leaks works\r\n

Our specialist plumbers provide a full range of leak detection and repair services. They'll:

  • check your property for obvious leaks
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  • use specialised equipment such as pipe location devices, acoustic listening devices and techniques such as filling pipes with a safe gas
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  • find any concealed leak and mark its location
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  • offer a quote to fix the leak or leaks
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  • test any repairs you accept
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  • remove any rubbish associated with the service.
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  • 检查您的财产是否明显泄漏
  • 使用专用设备,例如管道位置设备,声学听力设备和技术,例如用安全的气体填充管道
  • 找到任何隐藏泄漏并标记其位置
  • 提供报价以修复泄漏或泄漏
  • 测试您接受的任何维修
  • 删除与服务相关的任何垃圾。

What's not included in the cost\r\n

Our investigation cost does not include:

  • repairing the hidden leak
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  • repairing any obvious leaks
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  • restoring patterned concrete services, retiling and waterproofing
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  • removing any trees. 
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  • 修复隐藏的泄漏
  • 修复任何明显的泄漏
  • 恢复图案混凝土服务,递归和防水
  • 去除任何树木。

How quotes and billing work\r\n

The total cost will depend on how long it takes to find the leak. As at 1 July 2020, the costs are:

$410First hour
$120Each additional half hour
$240Obvious leak fee (we may charge this fee instead of the first hour fee if the source of the leak is obvious)

We’ll provide a quote for any required repairs, and encourage you to get alternative quotes from other licensed plumbers. All charges, including any repairs you agree to, will be added to your Sydney Water bill. If the total cost is over $400, you can ask us to spread the cost over 4 consecutive bills ($44 administration fee applies).

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费用 描述
$ 410 第一个小时
$ 120 每隔半小时
$ 240 明显的泄漏费(如果泄漏的来源明显,我们可能会收取此费用,而不是第一小时费用)

我们将为任何必需的维修提供报价,并鼓励您从其他有执照的水管工那里获得替代报价。所有指控,包括您同意的任何维修,都将添加到您的悉尼水费账单中。如果总成本超过400美元,您可以要求我们连续4张账单($ 44的管理费)将费用分配到400美元以上。

How to book or find out more\r\n

Book your appointment today or find out more. Our qualified plumbers are available between 7am and 6pm on weekdays and between 8am and 4pm on Saturdays. A Saturday surcharge applies – more details in the WaterFix Concealed Leaks terms and conditions (792KB).

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立即预订您的约会或了解更多信息。我们合格的水管工在工作日的上午7点至下午6点之间以及周六上午8点至下午4点之间提供。周六附加费适用 - 更多详细信息水上修饰隐藏泄漏条款和条件(792KB)