Save with our small business pilot program\r\n

For over 20 years, our WaterFix plumbers have helped WaterFix Residential customers save more than 300 million litres of water and reduce water bills. Now, we're trialling that service for small businesses. With this WaterFix Small Business pilot, you can add to your bottom line every year. We'll help you save water and money by fixing leaks and installing more water-efficient devices. 

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试点计划$ 1,000补贴
作为我们的水上小企业飞行员的一部分,享受1,000美元的补贴,以进行水效效率评估,固定装置和设备,并期待长期节省。要求预约,或通过打电话来了解更多8000 9169或电子邮件waterfixsmallbiz@sydneywater.com.au

Get a professional assessment\r\n

At your first appointment, a qualified WaterFix plumber will complete a water-efficiency assessment for your business. They’ll check your fixtures and devices for leaks and water efficiency. If they can complete all the work on the day, they will. If they need to, they’ll book another convenient time with you. 

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Look forward to long-term savings\r\n

The goal of this WaterFix Small Business pilot is to see how we can help small businesses like yours to save water and reduce water and wastewater usage charges for years to come. Think how that can add to your bottom line.

  • Replacing inefficient taps with WELS 4-star rated taps can reduce water use by up to 52%.
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  • Replacing an inefficient showerhead with a WELS 4-star rated showerhead can reduce water use by up to 50%.
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  • Replacing a single-flush toilet with a WELS 4-star rated dual-flush toilet can reduce water use by up to 63%.
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  • 用WELS 4星级评级水龙头代替效率低下的水龙头可以将用水量减少多达52%
  • 用Wels 4星级淋浴间代替效率低下的淋浴喷头可以将用水量减少多达50%
  • 用WELS 4星级额定双式式厕所代替单液间厕所将用水量减少多达63%

Save up to $1,000 during the pilot\r\n

Right now, we're offering a subsidy of up to $1,000 to cover the money-saving WaterFix plumbing services you need. The subsidy covers our usual call-out fee and water-efficiency assessment fee of $110, and repairs and replacements that will result in water savings for you, to a total of $1,000. Services may include:

  • leak repairs
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  • installation of WELS 6-star rated aeration devices
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  • WELS 4-star rated showerhead replacements
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  • WELS 4-star tap replacements
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  • installation of water-efficient pre-rinse spray valves
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  • toilet repairs and replacements.
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Request an appointment, or find out more by calling us on 8000 9169 or emailing WaterFixSmallBiz@sydneywater.com.au.

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飞行员期间最多节省$ 1,000


  • 泄漏维修
  • WELS 6星级额定曝气设备的安装
  • WELS 4星级淋浴替代品
  • WELS 4星级替换
  • 安装水有效的预里式喷雾阀
  • 厕所维修和更换。

要求预约,或通过打电话来了解更多8000 9169或电子邮件waterfixsmallbiz@sydneywater.com.au