Potential water savings for large commercial sites\r\n

Large-scale water savings can often be achieved in office towers, hotels, shopping centres and aged care homes with high water use. WaterFix Commercial is a cost-effective end-to-end water efficiency program tailored to help commercial residential buildings achieve significant benefits.

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在办公大楼,酒店,购物中心和老年护理厂的用水量高水平中,通常可以实现大规模的节水。Waterfix Commercial是一项经济高效的端到端水效率计划,旨在帮助商业住宅建筑获得可观的收益。

要找出您的企业可以节省多少水和金钱,请致电必威体育手机APP1800 354 107, 电子邮件

Typical properties we can help\r\n

WaterFix Commercial assists businesses with medium to large commercial residential buildings.


We've delivered WaterFix Commercial to:

  • commercial properties like hotels, office towers, and small to medium shopping centres
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  • government infrastructure at all levels – local, state and federal
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  • aged care facilities
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  • universities and TAFEs (for primary and secondary schools, see WaterFix Schools).
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  • 商业物业,例如酒店,办公楼和中小型购物中心
  • 各级政府基础设施 - 地方,州和联邦
  • 老年护理设施
  • 大学和TAFE(对于中小学,请参阅水仙学校)。

Free desktop assessment\r\n

The first step is our obligation-free desktop assessment. This will help us identify whether your water use is high. By comparing your site's historical water use to best practice industry benchmarks, we can see whether your individual buildings or facilities have the potential to save water.

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Next steps\r\n

If the assessment finds that your water usage is high, we'll offer you a more detailed analysis. First, we'll install a data logger on your water meter to further analyse your water usage. Then, we’ll complete an on-site audit to discover the reasons why your site may be using too much water.


You’ll receive a report that identifies the key areas and ways you can reduce your water usage. You’ll also receive an obligation-free quote covering the work that needs to be done. 

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What the quote covers\r\n

The obligation-free quote will cover the solution in full. It will include products and materials, repairs or installing new items, removing and disposing of existing items, project management and, importantly, flexible financing options.


Once the quote is approved, our fully licensed and experienced plumbers and specialist tradespeople will complete the work on-site, including:

  • repairing tap and toilet leaks
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  • installing water-efficient devices
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  • replacing faulty tapware and single flush toilets
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  • finding concealed leaks
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  • repairing leaks in common areas
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  • upgrading urinals
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  • installing spray rinse valves
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  • optimising rainwater systems
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  • removal, recycling and responsible disposal of all waste products and materials.
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We recommend you ensure you’re getting value for money by seeking alternative solutions and quotations from other suppliers.

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  • 修理水龙头和厕所泄漏
  • 安装水价设备
  • 替换故障的踢踏软件和单冲洗厕所
  • 寻找隐藏的泄漏
  • 修复公共区域的泄漏
  • 升级小便池
  • 安装喷雾冲洗阀
  • 优化雨水系统
  • 所有废物和材料的去除,回收和负责处置。


Flexible payment options\r\n

You can choose from a one-off fee for service or spread payments over a 12-month payback plan. You may even be eligible to pay through a performance payment plan, which would mean no up-front costs. The cost would be covered by the value of water your site saves.


You can even add the costs to your Sydney Water bill.

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