If a leak stays hidden, you'll never know the cost\r\n

Leaks and inefficient processes could be costing your medium to large business thousands of dollars each year and wasting tens of thousands of litres of water. By providing real-time data, our online water monitoring program can help you detect unusual water usage, which may be caused by a hidden leak.

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Understand your water usage in real time\r\n

Manual meter readings and offline monitoring systems are a start, but they can’t give you on-the-spot data to identify potential problems. Continuous online monitoring is a valuable tool. You can collect information on your water use in real time. If there’s a leak, or other water use you can't account for, you can respond straight away.


The sooner you understand how much water your business uses, the sooner you can start using less. Take control of:

  • the services you're connected to
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  • how much water your business uses, and when
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  • your key water-using areas
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  • how your water use impacts other business costs, like water treatment, wastewater treatment, power for pumping, heating or cooling or chemicals.
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  • 您连接到的服务
  • 您的业​​务使用多少水,什么时必威体育手机APP候
  • 您的关键水域
  • 用水如何影响其他业务成本,例如水处理,废水处理,泵送,供暖或冷却或化学物质。

Discover problem areas you didn't know about\r\n

We transform your main meter into a smart meter by attaching a data logger: a device that reports your water usage at regular intervals. Your submeters that register more than 15% of overall site water use can have their own data loggers, too. They let you access the data yourself anytime via an online portal. This lets you know exactly how much water your site is consuming in real time. The bigger your business, the bigger the potential savings.


Data loggers allow you to:

  • detect leaks early
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  • detect unaccounted water use or unusual water behaviour
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  • access real-time data for reporting
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  • get email alerts if there's any sudden change or spike in water consumption
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  • see baseline data to track the success of new water-saving initiatives.
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  • 提早检测泄漏
  • 检测不明用水或异常用水行为
  • 访问用于报告的实时数据
  • 如果用水突然发生变化或飙升,请获取电子邮件警报
  • 请参阅基线数据以跟踪新的节水计划的成功。

Add to your green credentials\r\n

More medium to large businesses than ever are seeking ways to do their bit for the environment. Saving water should be top of mind. The technology behind online monitoring is a positive step you can take, and you show you're responding to environmental issues. That's a win for both your business and the environment.

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Case study: Massive savings for local council\r\n

In 2021, a major Greater Sydney council installed 13 data loggers across 9 of its sites. These included aquatic centres and caravan parks. Almost immediately, monitoring helped pinpoint leaks totalling around 29 litres of water per minute, or 15 million litres per year – enough to fill 6 Olympic-size swimming pools.

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The savings added up to around $50,000 a year.

  • About $15,000 of those savings came from a single caravan park, which had a broken pipe losing 9 litres per minute. The leak was identified just 3 weeks after the data logger was installed. As a result, this caravan park is now saving over 4 million litres of water a year.
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  • A tourist park identified a leak with water loss reaching up to 20 litres per minute. It now saves approximately $34,000 in charges and over 10 million litres of water per year.
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  • 其中约有15,000美元的积蓄来自一个大篷车公园,该公园的管道破裂每分钟损失9升。在安装数据记录器后仅3周就确定了泄漏。结果,这个旅行车公园现在每年节省超过400万升的水。
  • 一个旅游公园确定了泄漏,水分损失每分钟高达20升。现在,它节省了大约34,000美元的费用,每年节省超过1000万升水。