About the event \r\n

The Sydney Water Innovation Festival (SWIF) brings together diverse perspectives in a creative and safe environment to connect and co-create ideas to solve some of the greatest challenges facing the water industry and broader society.


Our motivation for SWIF is to encourage a culture of innovation and create a better life with world class water services. We want to empower our people and partners to move beyond their ‘day jobs’ and take the opportunity to create fresh ideas and projects that will deliver value to our customers and community.

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What to expect in 2022\r\n

Through a hybrid ‘hub & spoke’ style event, keynote addresses and panel discussions will demonstrate thought leadership, while Tech Tanks and Design Sprints will fast-track the development of new and innovative ways to solve some of our greatest challenges. 


We will showcase emerging innovations and technologies and some of our innovation success stories in the water industry. The Great Debate with the UK will also be back, along with entertainment, networking and engagement opportunities.  We will also host a special cultural immersion activity to celebrate our First Nations.


Spread across five action-packed days between 25 – 29 November 2022, there will be a key focus on reconnecting people with urban waterways with the opening of swim sites as part of our Summer of Swimming in conjunction with the Urban Plunge initiative.

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通过“中心与辐条”式的混合活动,主题演讲和小组讨论将展示思想领导力,而Tech Tanks和Design sprint将快速跟踪新的创新方法的发展,以解决我们面临的一些最大挑战。



Sponsorship opportunities\n

We are seeking partners and sponsors who are aligned with our purpose, values and brand. We fundamentally believe in open innovation and solving industry’s biggest challenges together. You can find out more about the festival in the event prospectus.


Sydney Water is proud to be working with Isle Utilities Australia. If you're interested in sponsoring, please contact their principle consultant, Ani Nair

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悉尼水务公司很自豪能与澳大利亚岛公用事业公司合作。如果您有兴趣赞助,请联系他们的首席顾问,Ani Nair

Sydney Water Innovation Festival 2022 University Student Competition\r\n

For final-year students


This is your opportunity to pitch creative and innovative ideas to enhance the ability of Australia’s largest water utility and the wider industry to attract and develop early career talent to sustain Sydney as a great place to work and live.  


For more information on the pitch, please see the flyer here.


Submitting your application


Develop your ideas into a 2-3 minute video. Your video will be assessed based on its relevance, originality, and persuasiveness.  


Please register your interest by emailing us at innovationfestival@sydneywater.com.au


We are currently finalising our submission process. Once it is completed, we will update you on submission instructions and how to proceed.


The submission deadline will be 11:59 pm Friday 28th October.

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