How we keep your water meter accurate\r\n

It's important that we don't overcharge (or undercharge) for the water you use, so your water meter needs to be kept in good working order. We own your water meter, so we're responsible for taking care of it. However, we may need your help so we can reach it easily.

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如果不能必威备用 或解释高用水的使用申请水表测试或打电话13 20 92。如果仪表有故障,我们将退还费用并调整您的用水量费用。

What we maintain\r\n

Since we own the water main (usually under the street or footpath) and water meter at your property, we’ll take care of them. We replace meters when they have:

  • stopped
  • \r\n
  • been damaged
  • \r\n
  • become too old
  • \r\n
  • registered the maximum water use.
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If your meter is broken or damaged, call us on 13 20 90.

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  • 停了下来
  • 被损坏了
  • 变得太老了
  • 注册了最大用水。

如果您的仪表被打破或损坏,请致电我们13 20 90


What we repair\r\n

Repairs on private property


If there's a problem in your water system between our pipes and the water meter (up to one metre inside your property boundary), we'll repair it for free. For units, this is the master strata property boundary.
\r\nCall us on 13 20 90 24/7, or you can call a licensed plumber to do the work for you. If the leak is near your water meter, we'll ask you some questions to make sure we’re sending the right person to fix the problem quickly.

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打电话给我们13 20 9024/7,或者您可以致电持牌水管工为您完成工作。如果泄漏在您的水表附近,我们会问您一些问题,以确保我们派遣合适的人来快速解决问题。

What we'll ask about the leak
  • Is the water leaking near the tap that turns the water to your property on and off?
  • \r\n
  • Is the water leaking from the pipe leading up to the tap handle?
  • \r\n
  • Is the water leaking from the body of the meter, where we read the numbers, or the bolts that hold the meter onto the pipe?
  • \r\n
  • Is the meter number changing when you're not using any water inside your property?
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  • 水龙头附近的水泄漏,将水转向您的财产开关和关闭?
  • 水从导致水龙头手柄的管道泄漏吗?
  • 水是否从仪表的身体中漏出,在那里我们读取数字或将仪表固定到管道上的螺栓?
  • 当您不使用物业内部的水时,仪表号是否会更改?
What you need to know\r\n
  • We might not be able to fix the problem if your service isn't easy to reach, the connection isn't authorised or covered by the Customer Contract, or if it's a fire service. You'll need to hire a licensed plumber instead.
  • \r\n
  • If a water service has been damaged or vandalised, we'll charge you to fix it. The cost will depend on how complex the work is. We may need to turn off your electricity to complete the repairs safely.
  • \r\n
  • As a property owner, you are responsible for any private property affected by repair work. This includes things like concrete, pavers, retaining walls and rockeries.
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  • 如果您的服务不容易到达,我们可能无法解决问题,连接未经授权或涵盖客户合同,或者是消防服务。您需要雇用持牌水管工。
  • 如果水服务已损坏或破坏,我们将向您收取修复。成本将取决于工作的复杂程度。我们可能需要关闭您的电力以安全地完成维修。
  • 作为财产所有人,您应对受维修工作影响的任何私人财产负责。这包括混凝土,摊铺机,挡土墙和岩石等的东西。

What you maintain\r\n

As a property owner, you’re responsible for the water pipes and fittings between our water main and the buildings/taps on your property.


We're responsible for the meter. But, to maintain the meter, we need your help. Please make sure the area around the meter is clear and accessible (at least 30 centimetres all around the meter) so we can read, repair or replace it. We can't do much if the meter is:

  • behind a locked gate
  • \r\n
  • buried in concrete or dirt
  • \r\n
  • hidden by trees, plants or grass
  • \r\n
  • in an unsafe location on the property, for example, if there's a dog.
  • \r\n

Call 13 20 90 to report a broken or damaged meter.

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  • 锁门后面
  • 埋在混凝土或污垢中
  • 被树木,植物或草隐藏
  • 例如,如果有狗,则在该物业的不安全位置。

称呼13 20 90报告一个损坏或损坏的仪表。


Fixing the meter tap\r\n

A meter tap controls the water supply to your property. You can turn it on and off, but can't connect a hose to it or use it to fill a bucket. Sometimes the meter tap looks like a standard tap and sometimes it looks like a lever.
\r\nYou can pay a licensed plumber to repair the meter tap at your cost, or we can fix it for free within 10 working days (usually sooner). Call 13 20 90 to request this service.

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您可以支付许可的水管工以按您的费用维修仪表水龙头,或者我们可以在10个工作日内免费修复(通常更早)。称呼13 20 90请求此服务。

Fix your meter tap quickly

If you need your meter tap fixed urgently, we offer an express service for $99 (including GST). We'll add this charge to your next bill. Be aware that the charge may be higher if the tap and the pipe near it have been damaged, for example, if they've been run over by a car or lawnmower.
\r\nCall 13 20 90 between 7am and 5pm and we’ll be out within 3 hours. If you call after 5pm, we’ll come the next morning.

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称呼13 20 90在上午7点至下午5点之间,我们将在3小时内出门。如果您在下午5点以后打电话,我们将第二天早上来。